BAM TomoCAR, U Ewert, B. Redmer

A special design with optimised X-ray tube parameters for planar tomography in narrow spaces e.g. inspecting of pipes in power plants

Tube parameters:
  • 240 kV bipolar
  • 90° fan beam
  • Focal spot: d = 0,6 / 600 W
  • Target angle: 6°
  • Anode and cathode are separately
  • encapsulated
  • Precise electrostatic focalisation
  • Stable emission
  • Very flexible HT cables (120 kV right angled)
  • Light weight and flat design incl. radiation protection and integrated tube holder
  • Oil cooling


For high resolution radiographic and radioscopic applications and for thickness gauging

Tube parameters:
  • Cathode grounded
  • Low power (50 W)
  • 65 kV
  • Tube housting Ø 40mm only;
  • Flexible HT cables
  • Air, water or conduction cooling devices are available
  • Focal spot size down to d = 50 μm
  • (DIN EN 12543-5)

X-ray tube for inspection of tires for earth movers, trucks, cars and motor bikes from bead to bead in one turn

Tube parameters:
  • Bended tube housing
  • Electron emission right angled to the
  • tube axis
  • 280° panoramic X-ray beam
  • Various target types possible, e. g.
  • conical and flat target

BASF Ludwigshafen: heat-exchanger

Special X-ray tube for mobile inspection of heat exchangers (world-wide without the limitation for radionuclides)

Tube parameters:
  • X-ray radiation opposite to electron beam
  • Anode load stored in tiny Cu block, to be exchanged together with film
  • Film holder is integrated in the tube design
  • Rod anode is positioned in the tube with no additional holder
  • Up to 130 kV