RÖNTGEN-TECHNIK DR. WARRIKHOFF KG was founded as an American-Danish-German partnership (KG)
in 1973. It started its activity by opening the technology department in January 1974. In 1988 the company got restructured under the name: „rtw RÖNTGEN-TECHNIK DR. WARRIKHOFF KG“ and since then is completely owned by the family Warrikhoff. After 18 years of development and production in Berlin (West), the company‘s premises were moved to Neuenhagen bei Berlin, a village situated only 25 km from the city of Berlin.

The company has been established by Dr. Harald F. H. Warrikhoff, born at Berlin, who studied physics and had been working with the Max-Planck-Society and AEG Telefunken in the X-ray field. Since the beginning of 2005 his son Alexander Warrikhoff is CEO and owner of „rtw RÖNTGEN-TECHNIK DR. WARRIKHOFF
GmbH & Co. KG“.

X-ray tubes in metal-ceramic technology, mainly for OEMs, but also for scientific applications, are being developed and produced. The product range comprises developing and manufacturing metal-ceramic X-ray tubes for tire inspection, security, analytical and radiometric applications. The product range is from 20 kV to 240 kV with focal spot sizes down to 50 microns.

rtw produces X-ray tubes which can be equipped with different target materials and are suitable to work together with X-ray optics.

Low powered and small sized X-ray tubes are available: cathode grounded, anode grounded or bipolar.

  • is specialized in custom designed and OEM products
  • is training young people according to the German educational "dual system"
  • (practising and studying)
  • takes high responsibilty for the occupational health and safety and for our environment
  • is member of DGZfP, ASNT and OptecBB
  • is certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2008 since 2003